Anne Marie Fallot & Erik Truffaz

JPZ-JEAN-PIERRE ZAUGG…comme un morceau de l’Univers

This evening presents the film portrait of Swiss artist Jean-Pierre Zaugg directed by Anne Marie Fallot with an original music improvised by ERIK TRUFFAZ QUARTET. The film screening will be followed by a concert by Erik Truffaz in duo with Marcello Giuliani.

19:00 - Projection du film d'Anne Marie Fallot (70')

Jean-Pierre Zaugg (JPZ) is a Swiss painter and scenographer. He sets up museums and exhibitions, questions the world through his art and his worksites. Every day he has been painting a stone for 30 years. He writes endless words. He talks about his history through his paintings, about his success in Paris with Pop Art. The film travels through a life where seriousness meets poetry, humour and art. The music of the Erik Truffaz Quartet sublimates the man.

21:00 - Concert Erik Truffaz & Marcello Giuliani

Erik Truffaz’s trumpet and Marcello Giuiliani’s double bass play a duet with some of the tracks that feature in the film’s original soundtrack. Together they draw an echo to the work of Jean-Pierre Zaugg.

In the film, Erik Truffaz’s trumpet brings a cosmic dimension. It participates in the meditative moments of the writing. It gives weight to the silence. The double bass, a sort of counterpoint to the paintbrush, gives rhythm to the gesture.


Anne Marie Fallot
Anne Marie Fallot was born in 1944 in Fontainemelon (Neuchâtel). She met Jean-Pierre Zaugg during an apprenticeship as a window dresser. In 1966, she went to New York where she discovered the profession of scriptwriter. She joined TSR as a trainee scriptwriter in 1967. She worked on all the major programmes - she left RTS in 2008. In 1992, she started to produce cultural and scientific subjects. She worked for more than 20 years with the great names of the New Swiss Cinema. These include Alain Tanner for Le Retour d’Afrique, Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l’an 2000, Messidor and Les Années Lumière; Claude Goretta, for La Dentellière, La Provinciale and Maigret et la Grande Perche; Michel Soutter for Repérages and Signé Renart, among others.
As well as Simon Edelstein, Michel Rodde, Frédéric Maire, Pierre Koralnik and Nicolas Wadimoff. In 1996, she directed her first films.


Réalisation, Image, Montage : Anne Marie Fallot
Interlocutrice Image : Séverine Barde
Interlocutrice story structure : Elizabeth Waelchli
Interlocuteur Montage-Narration : Jean-Bernard Menoud
Interlocuteur Production : Luc Peter, Intermezzo Films
Montage : Elizabeth Waelchli / Ana Acosta / Daniel Gibel / Thomas Schunke
Montage Son : Carlos Ibanez Diaz
Mixage : Laurent Jespersen / Carlos Ibanez Diaz
Mixage Musique : Benoît Corboz
Étalonnage : Robin Erard
Graphisme : Nordsix
Photographe : Charles Ballif
Déléguée de Production : Katia Monla-Guisolan
Productrice : Anne Marie Fallot

Tue 22 Feb 2022 19:00
€7 pour la projection et le concert