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Forever Imbricated

Backroom F(r)ictions

Tue 07 – Sun 12 Dec 2021
entrée libre
loop program from 13:00 to 19:00

Forever Imbricated presents at the CCS from December 7 to 12 Backroom F(r)ictions, a program of films by artists associated with the Imbricated Real project, in an installation designed by Marie Prédour. Program of about 1 hour in total, diffused continuously:

Hélène Alix Mourrier, HERMAN@S (Les Adelphes) 
Haus Gawaling filmed by Juma Issa Haus Gawaling Summer 2021 
Ivy Monteiro Guaca Polla and The Suitcase Sisters in Pride Issa Riot 
Limitrofe Television DISFORIA E AFETO II
Oil Productions Discovery

Hélène Alix Mourrier

This documentary is a portrait of Cuco, a person who identifies themself transbird [human and non-human transgender] and hacker [situation hacker]. Their transition is consistent with the 2010 law prohibiting the covering of the face in public space; with the security hardening linked to the fight against terrorism, public space is now prohibited, annihilating any possibility of being in the world for them. Their identity - perceived by the police as undesirable and potentially dangerous - is actually a relational identity, the experience of limits but also of the link, recognition and community.

Limitrofe Television

2021, 6’16”
Is a reinterpretation/continuation of a performance conceptualized by Brendy and Larissa Cemiterio, video taped by Kelton Campos, edited and co created by Pe Ferreira. Enveloped with a sonic poetry by Diana Jetkiss, soundtracked by Lyzza. Beauty and Hair by Guta’sha Hellena and costumes by Nicholassa Giovanna.

Ivy Monteiro

Guaca Polla and The Suitcase Sisters in Pride Issa Riot
2020, 7’18”
The mother of the House of B. Poderosa, activist and multi-disciplinary artist, Ivy Monteiro a.k.a. Tropikahl B. Poderosa teams up with the legendary drag persona Evalyn Eatdith, one of their children Hausvrau B. Poderosa, Jo Dyking and takes us on a flamboyant journey through the underground of drag glam and the ever insisting battle against marginalized figures.
The work is a campy honoring to the fallen ones and at the same time a critique to the values that intersects LGBTQIA+ movement and Blackness. A unique collage that speaks to the struggle of everyday Queer life and of the spaces that are often forgotten.

Haus Gawaling par Jumana Issa

Film by Juma Issa Song It’s not my Choice feat. Blood Orange written by Mykki Blanco, Haus Gawaling x Nexpo
In the tibetan tradition there is a saying: “When there’s a high mountain behind your house, it means eternal luck.”
Haus Gawaling is located in the heart of Mathon at the foot of Piz Beverin, one of the highest mountains in the Schamserberg area. Rigzin Palmo Koondhor and her three sisters acquired the former hostel in 2009 as a perfect place to host large tibetan community gatherings. The history of the tibetan folk is rhythmed by rebirth and resilience. There was always a way to rise from the ashes and bloom where they were planted. While displacement and injustice has, at times, distanced them from their cultural traditions, their ancestors have always had a unique relationship with nature. Following the tradition of collective solidarity and care the art residence Haus Gawaling will curate a yearly summer program organised by Lhaga Koondhor and Doris Dehan Son with collaborators and artists addressing the contemporary societal themes of identities, migrations, environmental challenges and wellbeing.

Oil Productions

Discovery 2021 13’37”
In a humid steamy metropolis, dimly lit by blue neons, a creature weaves in and out the streets. Their goal is at the top of a tower. United again, the two beings merge into a viscuous texture created by their own pleasure. They liquify in their passion, between languid embraces and powerful movements. Saliva as a healing fluid and water as a symbol of purification, the two creatures evolve between liberating ecstasis and the dissolution of their body. Hybrid, the body becomes a simple vessel allowing their soul to experience the intemporal carress that the sexual act offers.


Hélène Alix Mourrier, HERMAN@S (Les Adelphes) 2021, 28’
directeurice: Hélène Alix Mourrier / camera: Victor Zébo / montage image: Anaïs Van den Bussche / montage son: Arthur Moget / composition musicale: SENTIMENTAL RAVE / acteurice: Cuco Cuca / producteurice : Le G.R.E.C. (France)
sélections : Festival Côté Court (Panorama), Pantin, France, juin 2021 / Festival Queer Sicilia Film Fest (Compétition), Palerme, Italie, Septembre 2021 > PRIDE AWARD / Las Vegas Queer Arts Festival (Compétition), LV, USA, Octobre 2021 > BEST DIRECTOR AWARD / Écrans documentaires (Compétition), Arcueil, France, Novembre 2021
diffusions : Festival Comme nous Brûlons, Saint-Ouen, Juin 2021 / Mémoires des sexualités, Marseille, Octobre 2021 / La Station Gare des Mines, Aubervilliers, Octobre 2021 / FACT, Lyon, Novembre 2021 / Carte blanche du GREC, Cinéma La Commune, Aubervilliers, Décembre 2021

Ivy Monteiro Guaca Polla and The Suitcase Sisters in Pride Issa Riot 2020, 7’18
Concept/Idea: Ivy Monteiro / Performers: Hausvrau B. Poderosa, Evalyn Eatdith, Jo Dyking & Ivy Monteiro aka Tropikahl B. Poderosa / Camera & Edit: Lukas Beyeler / Sound Mixing: Ivy Monteiro / Tracks: Doja Cat - Say So (Copyright RCA Record) / Patty Labelle - This Christmas (Youtube Amateurs Video Cut) / Support by: L23 Residency, Zurich, 2020

Oil Productions Discovery 2021, 13’37”
Performers : Taje, Valerie / Camera & edit : Nora Smith / Sound : Ivan Chestopaloff

Haus Gawaling by Jumana Issa Haus Gawaling Summer 2021, 03’16”
Film : Jumana Issa
Song : It’s not my Choice feat. Blood Orange écrite par Mykki Blanco, Haus Gawaling x Nexpo

Limitrofe Television DISFORIA E AFETO II, 2021, 6’16”
Concept : Brendy & Larissa Cemiterio / Video : Kelton Campos, Video & edition : Pe Ferreira / Music poetry :Diana Jetkiss / Music : Lyzza. Beauty & Hair : Guta’sha Hellena / Costumes : Nicholassa Giovanna.

Tue 07 – Sun 12 Dec 2021
entrée libre
loop program from 13:00 to 19:00