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Forever Imbricated

Plug & Play au Consulat

Fri 10 Dec 2021 20:00
€ 9


Au Consulat 14, avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris

Forever Imbricated Paris presents at the Consulat Voltaire concerts of Gérald Kurdian, Cate Hortl and Yesh.

↘ Cate Hortl

All her life, Charlotte Boisselier has never decided between her fascination for the energy of the club and her passion for the haunted melodies of a dark pop. After months of frantic touring as part of the Ambeyance and Oktober Lieber duos, she finally finds the space to concretize her long-standing explorations and give shape to the exciting alias Cate Hortl, who will feed her inferno with modern italo, heavy-footed dark pop and ecstatic techno. By appropriating these registers and their contradictions, she puts together an exciting first EP entitled “Smog”, released in October 2021 on the label Ritmo Fatale. Text : Charles Crost

↘ Gérald Kurdian
Producer, performer and protean DJ, GÉRALD is the mother of ceremony of the Hot Bodies of the Future queer cooperative. Their first EP “Tarek x I - V”, produced together with APOLLO NOIR (Jeanne Added, Bagarre, Buvette, etc) tells the story of their affective, sensorial and sexual experiences in the alternative scenes. 5 personal and moving tracks between dark techno, DIY pop and post-punk electronics. Live, GÉRALD plays vocals, samplers and synthesizers. Sometimes on stage with a choir, they defend queer utopias of inclusivity and communion. At the center of this hybrid club project, self-acceptance and emancipation. Unique and genderless. They are currently one the artists of the Coopérative de Recherche / ESACM in the frame of which they are writing a documentary opera on the ongoing sexual revolutions.

↘ Yesh
Yesh may have been born and raised in Switzerland, but her roots remain deep in her motherland, Tibet. The musician’s parents were among the first to take refuge in Switzerland. Growing up in a rural, utopian-like children’s village, Yesh engaged with a diverse grouping of exiled children from conflict-affected countries ranging from Haiti to Bosnia to Ethiopia to Palestine. This collective, inclusive consciousness shaped her identity at a very young age. Music was an integral part of Yesh’s day-to-day life, ostensibly becoming a vessel for cultural preservation living in diaspora — providing strength in solidarity. At age 11, her innate passion as a performer and singer started to take center stage, and she has since fervently dedicated her life to music and art. Refining her gifts through years of studio work, Yesh sought out an expansive set of experiences. She’s recorded sessions with classical musicians, wrote a musical performance piece, and contributed vocals for audio-theatrical art performances. This fostered her unconventional approach to creating such transgressive, euphoric, and genre-defying music. Yesh further honed her skills when she moved to New York City in 2009. She aligned herself with producers like Mountain (Kelela_LMK 130 bpm) and Mike Larson (Ariana Grande and Pharrell), while releasing a collection of four singles that creatively traveled the globe from Zurich to Los Angeles. Her debut EP, “Hour 2147,” was released in 2020 through Pique records, where she is part of the collective. She worked closely with the founders, producer Mountain and filmmaker Jayne Lies (852archive), Detroit’s singer-harpist Ahya Simone, and Hong Kong illustrator Jack Ip. Yesh worked in collaborations with different european artists and sound designers, such as Tobias Maria Koch (Such Sweet Thunder), Semuel Lala/Semka (Plymouth Rock), Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi (Galerie Maria Bernheim). Yesh is part of the collective *xenometok, a transdisciplinary collaboration between Channel Gekko, Paelden Shangritsang and herself. The collective is currently working in collaboration with the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich on a soundbased performance piece which will be premiered on February 11th 2022. Ultimately, Yesh weaves through the spectrum of all human experiences, between brokenness and beauty, to reveal the interconnectedness among us all.

*About Pique
Pique is an audiovisual, multimedia production and collective based in NYC and London. Our vibration provides freedom from systemic sensory imprisonment with an ecosystem of amorphsc artist and outcast, bound by innovation and preservation.

*About xenometok
Xenometok creates a liminal field of tension between lived experience and reclamation, perception of oneself and others.