Garrett Nelson, <em>Ils Allaient Dévorer Ensemble…</em>, (2021)

Garrett Nelson

Iels Allaient Dévorer Ensemble…

The short film by Garrett Nelson is a new make of a scene from Peter de Rome’s 1970s x-rated gay film Adam and Yves (1974) in which the main characters observe and narrate a uniquely Parisian fetish of Le Soupeur. Anyone carrying a baguette in Paris is suspect! The film was shot in Paris as an alternative form of documentation and the culmination of a series of performances called Anácronicas I, II, III  by Garrett Nelson that were shown in the context of Cathy Josefowitz first major travelling retrospective The Thinking Body (2021-2022) at Centre culturel suisse Paris, Kunsthaus Langenthal and Arsenic Lausanne and as a result of a research residency at La Becque.

Garrett Nelson, <em>Ils Allaient Dévorer Ensemble…</em>, (2021)

Garrett Nelson, Ils Allaient Dévorer Ensemble…, (2021)

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Ecriture et conception : Garrett Nelson
Réalisation : Valentin Duciel
Figuration : Lou Couvidat / Antoine Etienne / Yannick Kéravec / Elise Lammer / Victorien Soufflet / Léopoldine Turbat / Niels Trannois
Production : CCS

Wed 12 Jan 2022 20:00
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