Ramaya Tegegne

Wet Paint

Tue 27 Apr 2021 20:00

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“Art contexts per se (galleries, museums, performances, situations) are becoming increasingly unworkable for me; they are being overwhelmed and infiltrated by bits and pieces of other disintegrating structures: political, social, psychological, economic. They preserve the illusion of an identifiable, isolated situation, and thus a pre-standardized set of responses. They prepare the viewer to be catalyzed, thus making actual catalysis impossible.” Adrian Piper, on how she started to make work outside the “white cube”.

Indeed, how to keep evolving within cultural organizations and institutions that are ever more eager to critically address within their program issues concerning our identities, our struggles, when those same organizations and institutions put up resistance whenever we question their own behavior with regard to those very issues? Do we still want to keep confronting them to make room for ourselves in a field that has just “not been built to accommodate us,” to borrow Sara Ahmed’s words? What systems are in place to allow such dissociations?

This forth part of the conference series Making and Unmaking Exhibitions — Sustainability in Times of Planetary Crisis will be broadcasted live on our Twitch channel and published on the feminist political design research platform Futuress.org

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Ramaya Tegegne is an artist and cultural organizer based in Geneva. Her work unravels the lived relations, narratives, selection and production conditions of art and culture in the current context. She aims to revalue collective practices and conversation. She had solo exhibitions at Künstlerhaus in Stuttgart, Istituto Svizzero in Milan, Ludlow 38 in New York, Kevin Space in Vienna, Galerie Maria Bernheim in Zurich and Fri Art Kunsthalle in Fribourg. Her performances were recently presented at Théâtre de l’Usine in Geneva, KW in Berlin, Kunsthalle Basel, Arsenic in Lausanne, Kunsthalle Bern, Gessnerallee in Zurich for the Swiss Performance Art Awards, Gasworks in London, Swiss Institute in New York, and at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin. She launched in 2017 the campaign Wages For Wages Against for the fair remuneration of artists. She co-founded in 2016 the art and critical thought bookshop La Dispersion in Geneva.


Coproduction: CCS and Futuress.org

Tue 27 Apr 2021 20:00