Keyna Eleison

More of what we don’t see

How can individual effort help forge collectivism, when the structure of society leads us to lonely victories…? It is enough to be a feminized body and, moreover, to have a racialized body. Then you alone stand for a whole generation: one speech, one hit, and it’s suddenly one collective mistake. How to deal with this social segmentation, if art and struggle are linked as both the matter and the means of thought? How to position oneself on one side of humanity and raise awareness of our responsibility, even if passive in it? I realize that joining a choir is one way of putting body and voice into being part of a shared project, even though it has its strengths and limitations. Another way is to pay attention to what we do not see, and what is not seen structurally. More questions than answers…” Keyna Eleison

This second part of the conference series Making and Unmaking Exhibitions — Sustainability in Times of Planetary Crisis will be broadcasted live on our Twitch channel and published on the feminist political design research platform

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When I bite the word, please don't rush me, I want to chew, rip between your teeth, the skin, the bones, the marrow of the verb, and so.. to verse the core of things...
Conceição Evaristo, Calm and Silence, 2008

Keyna Eleison - Curator.
Writer, researcher, Griot heiress and shaman, narrator, singer, ancestral chronicler. Master in Art History and specialist in Art History and Architecture; Bachelor of Philosophy. Member of the African Heritage Commission for awarding the Valongo Wharf region as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). Curator of the 10th. International Biennial of Art SIART, in Bolivia. Currently chronicler of Contemporary & Latin America magazine, and Professor of the Free Teaching Program at the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro and Artistic Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with Pablo Lafuente.


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